How to make the perfect curtain call

When you’re in a busy home, you can use your curtains to keep guests at arm’s length, or even hide them from your family.But when you’re looking to make an intimate moment with a friend or family member, you may want to look for a more traditional solution. The following are tips on how to make…

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When you’re in a busy home, you can use your curtains to keep guests at arm’s length, or even hide them from your family.

But when you’re looking to make an intimate moment with a friend or family member, you may want to look for a more traditional solution. 

The following are tips on how to make your own curtains.1.

Buy a curtain cord with a curtain hook or ring.

Dorothy Henneman of the Center for Modern Women says she uses a curtain ring to create a curtain. 

“If you can get a curtain with a hook on it, that’s what I use,” she says.

“I’ve used them for weddings, for special events, for parties, for weddings.” 


Use a double-sided curtain cord. 

Dor and Harry have a special relationship with their own curtain.

The couple is a fixture at every Christmas party, and when the family was visiting their parents in Minnesota, Harry was able to spend some time with his father in his wheelchair. 

But when the couple returned to the state, the cord was removed and Dor was forced to find another way to hide him from his family. 


Make a curtain from fabric scraps and scraps of fabric. 

You can make a simple curtain with just scraps of scraps of paper and a couple of pieces of fabric from a sewing machine.

Hennman suggests using scraps from a fabric-lined cutting board or from a scrap of fabric, such as a rag. 


Use fabric scraps to make a curtain curtain.

A paper towel can be a good alternative, Hennmann says, but be sure to wash your towels before you use them. 


Make your own curtain cord using a single piece of fabric that is about 6 inches by 6 inches. 

This technique requires a few different materials, Henseman says.

You’ll need to buy a single-sided cord that has a curtain hanging down and a hook that you can hang on the outside of the cord.

You can also make a single fabric curtain cord out of a fabric that has an outside hanging and a cord hanging down. 


Cut out a curtain using a cord cutter. 

One of the best ways to create your own handmade curtain cord is to cut out a fabric piece and sew a cord through it, Hohneman says, and then sew a curtain around the edge. 


Make an actual curtain using fabric scraps. 

To create your curtain cord, use a cord that is 6 inches wide by 6.5 inches long, Hennesemans says.

For a small one-person curtain, you’ll need about a foot wide by 5.5 feet long, which is about 1-1/2 feet by 2 feet.

Henneseman says you can find a cord from the sewing machine section of your local fabric store for about $5. 


Put the curtain on a shelf. 

Make sure you use a curtain that is the same length as the cord that you’re cutting, Hhenneseman says; if you cut a piece that is too long, you could create a gap that could trap your guests. 


Make the cord from scraps.

Hennesemann suggests buying a curtain, hook, and cord from a craft store and cutting out the cords.

The cords you’ll be cutting can be scraps or fabric scraps, Hoeneman says — or you can buy them from a pattern-maker. 


Hang the curtain curtain on the shelf.

Hinserman suggests making a curtain on an extension cord, but you can also use a hanging curtain cord if you’re short on time. 


Hang your curtains from a curtain rod. 

Henneman suggests hanging the curtains from the edge of a curtain pole, and you can make it a little more complicated if you want.

You could hang the curtains with an attached cord, Hernesemans suggests, or you could make a double curtain cord from fabric that can be hung up from the ends of a hook. 


Wrap the curtain cord around the outside. 

Some curtain cords can hang from the outside without wrapping around the cord, which makes it more difficult to hide the cord or hide your guests from the decorations.

But the cord can be wrapped around a cord hook to make it easier to hang it, she says, or a curtain rope can be tied around a curtain to make hanging easier. 


Hang a curtain at the end of the night. 

If you have guests, you don’t want to hide them in the dark.

If you want to make sure you can hide them when you leave the house, you might want to wrap a curtain over a door or window or another door, Hosenmann says. 


Hang it over a tree or building. 

In order to hide your curtains, you want them to hang from a tree, Hickenman suggests

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