How to Make Your Own Green Cushion for Outdoor Events: A Complete Guide

With the holidays approaching, you may be wondering if you should be putting up a curtain.Here are five easy ways to make your own green curtain to help you enjoy the outdoors.1.Create a DIY Green Cuff. I love this tutorial on creating your own DIY Green Ceiling.This tutorial is simple, fun, and inexpensive.You’ll need a 1-foot-wide…

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With the holidays approaching, you may be wondering if you should be putting up a curtain.

Here are five easy ways to make your own green curtain to help you enjoy the outdoors.1.

Create a DIY Green Cuff. 

I love this tutorial on creating your own DIY Green Ceiling.

This tutorial is simple, fun, and inexpensive.

You’ll need a 1-foot-wide circle of fabric (about 1 inch thick), 1-inch-wide pieces of felt, a pair of scissors, and a ruler.

Cut the circle in half and cut it in half again, making it two pieces. 

When you’re done, you’ll have a 2-foot length of felt that’s roughly the width of your entire fabric circle.2.

Use Fabric Loops to Create Your Green Ceilings. 

These two videos demonstrate how to create a simple, but effective, green curtain. 

To create your green curtain, you can simply use fabric loops to create different lengths of fabric.

These are the lengths you’ll need for your curtain.

Make sure the fabric loops are not too tight to hold the ends of the fabric tightly together.3.

Create an Ornamental Green Curtain. 

Here’s another example of creating a decorative green curtain that will look great on your walls. 

The curtain is a decorative design that has an ornamental design on the back of it. 

You can use a small circle of felt or ribbon to create an ornate green curtain on your curtains.

You can also use a decorative fabric loop to create the same ornate pattern on your curtain, but leave the end of the loop open for the decorative fabric to hang from. 

Using a fabric loop creates an ornately decorative green fabric that can hang off of the backside of your curtains to add interest.4.

Create Your Own Lined Green Curves. 

This is one of the easiest and easiest ways to create your own curved curtain.

It requires no fabric or fabric loop. 

Just a little patience and creativity are required. 

First, create a fabric circle with a piece of fabric that is slightly longer than your curtain and the end cut out. 

Next, draw a line across the fabric circle that will be the edge of the curved curtain fabric. 

Attach the fabric loop at the point of the line to your curtain fabric so that the edge is facing up. 

Place the curtain on the floor and set it aside. 

Now, cut a piece from the center of the circle and make the top of the curtain as long as the edge, and cut that piece out as long, too. 

Use a sewing machine to sew the fabric to the fabric.

You could also use sewing thread, but I prefer the technique of using a fabric glue. 

Then, cut out two pieces of fabric to match your curved curtain, and attach them to the other pieces of the green fabric.

Using the sewing machine, sew the ends to the edge. 

After you’re happy with the finished shape, it’s time to lay it out.

Lay your curtain on a piece that is a little larger than the fabric circles, and secure it with a fabric ring or other secure backing. 

Set your curtain aside and create your first green curtain using the instructions above.5.

Use Your Hand Saw to Create a Green Curved Wall. 

If you have an inexpensive hand saw, you might want to check out the following video for more creative ways to decorate your walls this holiday season.

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