We’re all in this together: It’s time to look out for the ocean’s coral, writes Polygon’s Kate Allen

It’s a beautiful day in the ocean.The waves, the light, the breeze.And then, of course, the corals.But it’s not just the waves, and the coral reefs in the area.They’re all under threat.Over the past few decades, more than 100 million tons of corals have been dying off around the world, according to the Global Coral…

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It’s a beautiful day in the ocean.

The waves, the light, the breeze.

And then, of course, the corals.

But it’s not just the waves, and the coral reefs in the area.

They’re all under threat.

Over the past few decades, more than 100 million tons of corals have been dying off around the world, according to the Global Coral Reef Watch project.

That’s nearly the same amount of coral that was lost in a single day in 2016.

That has a lot of people concerned.

In the U.S., there’s an overwhelming amount of concern about corals, including the deaths of some species.

But many in the industry are also worried about the coralfish.

In fact, it’s the only species in the world that’s seen a rapid decline.

The coralfishes were first discovered in the mid-19th century.

But over time, the fish that were once abundant, like coralline, have declined.

Now, corals are in a crisis, and that’s a direct result of humans.

What happens when we put ourselves at the center of the problem?

It’s easy to understand why corals and other ocean animals have been disappearing in the last century.

It’s because we have dumped the oceans with chemicals, pollutants, and waste.

But a new study shows we are also responsible for killing many of the animals and plants that depend on them.

The coral industry’s biggest worry isn’t that the corallines will disappear.

It is that they’ll disappear without warning.

“Coral is the most resilient ecosystem on Earth,” said Dr. David Evers, who led the study.

“But we are going to have to protect it, and we have to do it without harming the fish and invertebrates that are essential to our own ecosystem.”

So far, scientists have identified many causes of the corales.

They point to the oceanic gyres that help keep water flowing in a way that can sustain the coral.

They also point to algae that are eaten by fish, and to the effects of the CO2 and other pollutants on the water.

“We’re seeing some pretty dramatic changes in the water chemistry, the water quality, and many of these changes are caused by our activities,” Evers told Polygon.

“What we have been able to observe are the changes in water chemistry and the water’s quality.”

So what happens when you put yourself in the center?

The corals can survive for up to six months without a single meal.

In some cases, they even survive longer.

When that happens, they have to find new homes.

One way is to put them in cages.

That means having them in big, plastic cages, with little room to move around.

The other is to make them drink fish oil, which is a product of the cosmetics industry.

“Fish oil is a very effective food additive,” said Evers.

“You put fish oil into a fish and they get fat and go to waste.”

Evers says that fish oil also helps to kill off other parasites, and is used to kill diseases that attack corals in the wild.

“These parasites that we’re seeing are often caused by a variety of things that we put into the environment,” he said.

For example, the parasites cause a disease called bacillary dysentery, which kills coral by taking up its nutrients.

“It’s like having a giant bucket of water with worms in it,” Eivers said.

“There’s a lot going on.”

So we’re also putting a lot into our oceans.

But when corals don’t survive the coralls and fish oil are the only thing keeping them alive.

That includes the corral industry.

Many of the plants and animals that live in coral reefs depend on it.

In turn, the oceans absorb CO2.

In a study published last year in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Evers and colleagues found that CO2 levels in the environment have increased dramatically over the past century.

That increased CO2 is directly affecting corals that depend heavily on their coral.

“If the coralling in a reef is destroyed, then all of these organisms that rely on it, including coral reefs, are gone,” Ekins said.

So what can be done to save corals?

The biggest challenge is to protect the ocean by getting rid of the plastics, chemicals, and pollutants that have been used to make corals the way they are.

“This is an environmental disaster,” said Chris Heidt, a professor of marine biology at University of Wisconsin-Madison who has studied corals for decades.

“I think the corally industry is really in a bind because it’s dependent on the plastics that have come into our ocean,” Heidw said.

Some corals use plastic as a source of food, like the algae that make corallinis. That food

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