When the ’80s were a little less ’80S, they were pretty rad

Posted by MTV News on September 30, 2018 12:22:31When the ’90s were just beginning, the ’60s were looking very similar to the ’70s.There was an almost instant correlation between the ’50s and the ’30s, which meant that when it came to pop culture, there was something very familiar about ’70-era pop.There’s an irony here: The…

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Posted by MTV News on September 30, 2018 12:22:31When the ’90s were just beginning, the ’60s were looking very similar to the ’70s.

There was an almost instant correlation between the ’50s and the ’30s, which meant that when it came to pop culture, there was something very familiar about ’70-era pop.

There’s an irony here: The ’60, ’70 and ’80 were not the same decade, but the same era of music, fashion and social media, with a similar mix of art and culture.

And then the ’00s were.

We’re in the midst of a transition to the new millennium, which means that the ’20s and ’30, ’40 and ’50 are gone and, as we move into the new century, we are all living in a new millennium of pop music.

It is as though there’s an era that is over, and we’re in a different era.

And while we are in the new era, there are elements that are different than those we were in the ’10s, ’20.

But there are also elements that have come along that have been incredibly important to our culture.

In a way, we have been living through a similar transition to how the 20th century was.

In the decade of the 20s, there were a lot of films that were very influential.

In that decade, there weren’t a lot more songs that were songs that became classics.

And that was because, as you can see in the chart, we were living in the decade when a lot fewer songs were popular, and those that were popular were not really making a big impact.

It was a very different time.

We were living the era of the pop stars.

We’re living in this era of artists and musicians making big music and making big money.

And then you get the new wave, where music becomes a commodity, and artists make a lot less money, and they don’t really make it to where it was in the past.

You get to the period when the biggest hits of the day are being made.

And the best artists, whether it be Justin Timberlake, Drake or Madonna, are making a lot, so you start to see a whole lot of songs that are just hits, which is great, but it’s also the end of a period that has been extremely successful.

We’ve come to the end and we have a very big transition.

You’ve got these great bands, great artists and a whole new generation of music fans who are coming out of this era and embracing the new.

We are going through a transition period in music, and it’s a transition that is different from the last one.

There is a great deal of nostalgia in music.

There is an element of nostalgia that’s a part of the cultural fabric of the country.

It’s also a part that I think is a part people can appreciate because it’s very interesting to see, for example, how we’re feeling about Justin Timberlakes “Saving Grace” video, which came out last year.

It had a very emotional moment, and that’s something that I feel like we are feeling about our generation.

I think that we can be proud of it.

The thing that we’re finding really interesting about this is that we are going from the end, and this is something that’s very meaningful to us, to the beginning, of this transition.

And that’s because we’re not really having a new period of pop.

We’ve been living in an era where music is still pretty much the same, but there are a lot different elements that we’ve found.

For example, we’re seeing more of a shift in the pop landscape, which I think speaks to the fact that music is moving towards the more organic, and more commercial side.

There are a number of people that I talk to who are really interested in the organic side, and I think there’s also an element to that as well, that it’s something we have all become very used to.

I’m really excited about the new sounds, which are a bit different from what we’ve seen in the last couple of decades.

The sound of the ’40s was a lot louder than the music of the 90s.

That was a bit of a departure from the previous music, which was also a bit more organic.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a new thing.

I’m just excited to see what happens.

But we’ve also had this moment where we have an opportunity to explore new ideas and to see new ways to explore our history.

So I think people are really going to embrace what we’re doing with this music.

And I think the fact is, we’ve come through this transition in music in a really great way.

I think it has been an incredible experience for the music community, which has been really good

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